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SEO in 2022

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Google is evolving day by day, they are making necessary changes to get its search results clear of any spam elements, hence providing the users with the best possible search results. With these changes coming hard on regular basis, search engine optimization is also getting hit hard. Continuing Old spammy SEO Practices can even harm your rankings. The following could be a few top priorities for SEO in 2022.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile SEO importance has proved its worth and a recent survey claims that almost 60% of all online devices are comprised of smartphones and tablets. Another revelation suggests that 48% of mobile users start their online shopping with paid or organic search results. The mobile-optimized sites and mobile strategies are of pivotal significance.

Prioritizing Social Media & SEO

  • By 2022 every 4th person on earth would be using social media networks and this year 88% of marketers will use social media marketing. 

    • Effective scaling of social media efforts with determining the key areas of value is quite necessary.

Prioritizing SEO & Paid Search Integration

  • Traffic to your website is mainly a result of Organic marketing, 90% and Paid efforts attract only 10% of total visitors. So there is every reason to invest more in the former than the latter.

    • SEO talent could bring you more traffic with effective manipulation of available tools and data.

      • Having right SEO team is an uphill task but once you have it you could have fascinating results.

        • Combine your paid search data and SEO data for results improvement.

Prioritizing Personalization & Audience Segmentation

  • Knowledge of your targeted audience brings success to your efforts of marketing.

    • Audience segmentation can be done on different basis to understand the value of your efforts.

      • Having the right SEO team is an uphill task but once you have it you could have fascinating results.

        • Customization of messages for customers is to keep the stuff most relevant and attractive with knowledge of their phase of the customer life cycle.

          • Segmentation would provide you with helpful data such as the type of product or website content that appeals to certain visitors.

Scaling SEO

  • To scale your SEO efforts you must have an SEO in-house Team and then do the following

    • Align in-house Team effectively by putting colleagues in the same section having cross-function

      • In-house SEO Team Benefits

        • Improved ROI and cost savings

          • Sales support, Product support, Regional support, tighter stakeholder support, and improved speed to market

            • Investment in SEO tools & Technology

              • SEO Training for Employees for improved results

6 SEO Predictions for 2022

  1. Twitter on Facebook’s Route: it is expected that this year Twitter will allow some non-advertising accounts that are verified to create Insight-Style Pages. For high-profile users, it is an encouragement to use Twitter for the purpose of reaching people with more power.

  2. Google Test Search Results with no external, organic Listings: Google is continuously getting proactive with several features like knowledge graph, visual ads and instant answers. So this year Google's first result sets could show some untraditional and non-organic results.

  3. Algorithm Updates Acknowledgement by Google: Legitimacy of guest authorship different forms and of embedded content would continue at Google but would remain questionable for being a source of gray-hat that proves SEO less legitimate. Hope is that while doing this Google would knock out most of manipulative sites and pages from top rankings but would not penalize as majority of lawful sites practice these tactics.

  4. Marketing Automation: It is very much in demand and the companies involved in would be purchased at a good price.

  5. Content Marketing Growth: Content marketing is already quite pivotal but would gather more important than social media marketing.

  6. Pinterest Vs Twitter: Pinterest is just behind Facebook in social traffic referrals for some specific sites. The Pinterest user number is not growing rapidly but sharing is at its best. So it will drive more traffic than Twitter till the 4th Quarter of this year.

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