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How SEO Looks in 2022

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Well!!! 2015 has  great experiences and significant changes regarding Search Engine Optimization. Like there are changes in Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversation Rate Optimization, Mobile Supported apps, etc. Now same as the previous year, there will be some predictions that assume to be real in the coming Google updates throughout 2022.

Every update is dependent upon how the user is using or wants to use the  search engine. Let’s talk about some of the main changes which we see in 2022.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

This field of search engine optimization is always in the  headlines. Social media marketing has now become the key factor to promote the business globally. Its usage has significantly increased in the last very few years. That’s why it is assumed that marketing through social media will surely attract more traffic as compared to other media channels.

Unique Image

Images in any place play a vital role in conveying the point of interest. While searching from different search engines like Google, yahoo, and bing, it is found that an image is placed in more than one place. If some different image or a customized image will be used, it will obviously get the best results. So, in 2022, the use of unique images will give good results.

Mobile Optimization

Lots of studies are showing that the use of mobile has increased significantly and the users are searching through mobile much more than other devices. That’s why it is strongly needed for a website that it must be optimized through mobile. This means a mobile-compatible site will surely gain a high rank and attract much traffic.

Image Marketing

The marketing campaigns containing images will attract much traffic. Since social media became famous, it is observed that people are given just a glance at a post, and if there is some content, they pass it away. That’s why in 2022, there will be a trend of just images with  direct targets and conveying messages.

Google algorithms have significantly changed every year and the above changes are highly expected in 2022. Let’s see and make a plan for these.

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